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Contact: Molly Cromwell ~ Miniature Festivals Coordinator
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I'm back and caught up ...after the Tyson's Corner Show this past weekend...
I can't say enough about how great Molly's shows are - any of you who had the opportunity to attend and didn't, well you missed a great time. Attendance was solid, despite the fantastic weather, and the dealer offerings were just fantastic (I'll leave myself out of it, because that might be gauche, LOL). It was great to catch up with other dealers/friends that I haven't seen in a while, and it was equally great to meet new friends and collectors. There were also many budding miniaturists in attendance - definitely a good sign!

Anyone out there who thinks a 'small' * show can't be a fantastic show needs to rethink that idea - for me at least, this show was one of my best yet. In addition to that Molly takes great care of her vendors and collectors alike, and it's always just a fantastic time. I've already sent in my vendor fee for next year's Tyson's Corner show!

Longefellowes Designs

* "small show"  - one day, 50 plus dealers

Thanks very much for wonderful time, I won a door prize for 25$ and got little house for my dollhouse. I took tons of pictures and posted on Greenleaf Forums for everyone to see. I fly back to Canada tomorrow and just wanted to say again what a great miniature show it was at Tysons Corner and the Hotel Westin Oaks Ballroom was the perfect spot for the show!  

Melanie and Joy! :)


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